Highlights of the BEST LEGAL Conference 2022

Best Legal Conference started in the evening on the 21st of September with a networking cocktail for conference delegates and some VIP guests from the legal community of Cyprus, Cyprus Parliament, Municipality of Limassol. Members of the Economic Diplomacy Council which brings together founders and CEOs of local and international business also joined this event.

The fairwell party on the 23rd of September was a place to build log lasting friendly relations among the conference's attendees.

The conference was officially opened by H.E. Mr. Nicos Nouris, Minister of Interior and Dr. Christos Clerides, President of Cyprus Bar Association. They shared their opinions on the recent changes in Cyprus laws and regulations, give their forecast for 2022-2023 challenges.

The first plenary session started with a review of the Cyprus legal world developments and new opportunities to attract International business to Cyprus. The main subject of the sessionwas "Reforms in the Justice and Judicial system: How the Newly Created Commercial Court and Admiralty Court in Cyprus will Change the Legal Procedures."

The second plenary session was the place to discuss the following topics:
1. The European Union Sanctions Imposed on Russia and their Effect in Cyprus.
2. The Legality of the Sanctions under EU and Cyprus Domestic Law.
3. The Effect of Sanctions in Particular to Contractual Relationships Including Arbitration Clauses.

In the afternoon, the delegates attended thematic sessions that were organized in three different conference rooms

To Submit or Not to Submit, that is a Question. Practical Training on the rankings including the methodology for each one of the main guides, improving law firm's rankings, insider tips that can be easily implemented.

Optimizing Digital Workflow and Customer Experience. Training included recommendations for using off-the-shelf digital tools, as well as standardizing responses, issues of digital and communications hygiene.

New office in Dubai: Myths and Reality. There are many misconceptions about the procedures and opportunities involved in opening a company in Dubai. This creates confusion among the investors and business owners as well as their lawyers.

International sanctions and their impact on arbitration and contractual relations. The nature of sanctions and their impact on the parties' rights and obligations under a contract, as a part of applicable law and overriding mandatory rules. Sanctions as a factual circumstance preventing a party from performing its obligations under a contract.

Being Dominant in a Changing World. Discussion on how the legal industry was affected, the change that is taking place and recent legal marketing trends that are reshaping the legal sector.

Content Marketing and SEO for Legal Firms in Cyprus. This training explained the foundations of content marketing and review aspects of the Google algorithm for ranking content and recommend what kind of content should be created by legal firms in order to rank for certain keywords.

Unfolding the Current and Expected Cyprus Transfer Pricing Law Requirements with Real Life Case Studies. The workshop will be carried through real-life case studies of the most common business activities carried out in Cyprus, including financing activities, calculation of embedded intellectual property income included in the sale of goods and services, valuation of intangibles, and international distribution activities.