Nicos Nouris was born in Nicosia.
    He graduated from the Pancyprian High School and studied at the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Patras.
    He served as Municipal Councilor of Nicosia, Deputy Mayor of Nicosia and Chairman of the Urban Planning Committee of the Municipality as well as a number of other Committees in the Water and Sewerage Council. Additionally, he dealt with issues of development of the urban center of the capital, issues of culture, education and entrepreneurship.
    In 2013 he was elected a Member of the House of Representatives. He served as Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Trade, coordinator of the Democratic Rally Parliamentary Group in the Labor and Social Security and Home Affairs Committees. He also participated in the Parliamentary Committees on Health and Environment.
    He was Vice President of the Democratic Rally and a member of the Political and the Executive Office of the party.
    He was actively involved in volunteering and participated in various organized groups and NGOs. For a number of years, he was President of the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association, Representative of Cyprus in the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and supra-partes of the Medic Alert Foundation. He was a visiting professor of Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacy of Frederick University.