• Hakob Mkhitaryan
    Founder, CEO, Talesso Ltd
    Hakob Mkhitaryan has over 25 years of experience in investment banking (since 1996), working as a lawyer and arbitrator in various cases seen by Securities and Exchange Commission, as compliance officer in various projects. He is also a founder of several businesses in the financial and production industries. Hakob has extensive experience in international sales of IT and innovative products worldwide, and he has established a strong network of business partners in countries such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, EU member states, Middle East countries, Latin American countries, the USA, and Canada. Additionally, Hakob is a shareholder of Frame Consultants, an exhibition and business matchmaking company.

    From 2014 he started to work as a top manager and C-level executive in IT sector specializing in biometrics. In 2020 Hakob relocated to Cyprus and established its new AI oriented venture – Talesso Ltd. The company is specialized in personal data protection, verification of an individual with biometrics, computer vision and analytics.