SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
Conference Program
The Conference will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.
9.00-9.45 – Registration. Morning Coffee.

10.00-10.20 – Executive Summary.
Latest Updates in Legislations and Regulations in Cyprus and Worldwide that Have Maximum Impact to the Business Life in Cyprus. The participants will be informed in a very practical way and a brief manner on all changes that have happened in January-September 2019.
New legislation in Cyprus implementing the EU anti tax avoidance directive.
Implementations of the MLI in Cyprus and treaty shopping.
Transfer pricing requirements in Cyprus-existing and new legislation.
Substance and tax residency for companies.
Beneficial Ownership of Income Issues.
Natalia Kardash, Best Legal Conference Moderator
Christodoulos (Lakis) Damianou, CEO of Eurofast

10.20-11.30 – First Plenary Session.
1. The Future is Here: Surviving and Thriving in a World Constantly Shaped by Technology.
In an era where legal and other professional services become increasingly automated and replicated by technology, what paradigm shift is required by professional firms so as to build and maintain their competitive advantage heading into the future? How do professionals become future-proof in an era where the economy is constantly shifting online and there is free access to valuable information and big data?
Philippos Aristotelous, consultant, legal business strategist, author and speaker.

2. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Official Position of Cyprus and New Regulations.
Blockchain technology is disruptive in nature with a great impact on public and private organizations. Recently, the House of Representatives of Cyprus issued the national strategy for Blockchain, to better support and speed up its adoption. The aim of this speech is to present the key areas of this strategy and to explain the main priorities, challenges, risks and actions to be taken including the suggestions for the new regulations.
Marinos Themistocleous, Associate Dean of School of Business and one of Directors of the Institute For Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia.

3. A glimpse into the future: Financial regulation in the FinTech era.
Financial Regulations: New Rules, Procedures, Circulars. Forecast for the changes and ideas that will be introduced in CySEC in the nearest 6 Months.
Demetra Kalogirou, Chairwoman, CySEC (Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission)

4. Asset Tracing and Asset Protection: How Far Can One Get to Protect Assets in Cyprus and How Far Can Another Get to Trace it.
Legitimate asset protection in Cyprus.
Protection afforded by banking privilege.
Protection afforded by GDPR.
Available proceedings for tracing assets.
Available proceedings for tackling asset disposal.
Agis Georgiades, Partner of Christos Georgiades & Associates LLC

11.30–11.50 – Networking Coffee Break

11.50-13.20 – Second Plenary Session. Blockchain and GDPR in the Legal Field Real Business World.
How does blockchain work? How can it be implemented? Is it safe to be part of blockchain? How does blockchain correspond to European GDPR requirements? How GDPR should be introduce in each company?

Welcome note by George Campanellas, Director General, INVEST CYPRUS

Blockchain: market overview, trends and application scenarios.

Blockchain is one of the most controversial technologies: some people think that it will make global changes on a par with the Internet, others believe it is another "soap bubble" which is about to burst. During the plenary session we will try to separate speculations from the facts and learn what the blockchain technology is and what advantages it can add to current business-processes.
1. What is blockchain and why now?
2. Market overview and trends.
3. Costs and investments.
4. Blockchain application scenarios.
5. Blockchain implementation cases: expectation and reality.
6. Blockchain and government: challenges and opportunities.
Ruslan Yusufov, Managing Partner of Mindsmith, Russia

The state of data retention laws in Cyprus after the annulment of the EU Data Retention Directive.
Christiana Markou, Assistant Professor at the Law School of the European University Cyprus

Panel Discussion: Latest Updates on GDPR.
What type of information falls under GDPR rules? What are the minimum required internal procedures every companies should have? Who can be appointed responsible for GDPR procedure – should it be an employee or this service can be outsourced? What is the responsibility of this person in case the company will be fined because of GDPR responsible person's mistake? What is the cost of GDPR – can small and medium companies afford to comply with all GDPR rules?

13.20-14.30 – Lunch Time

Taxation in Russia and Cyprus in details and real cases examples.
Thematic session in Russian language with simultaneous translation into English.

Overview on the newest changes in the practical implementation of the tax regulations in both countries. During the session, we'll review most common cases and – having in mind new changes – we'll explain different recent decisions of tax officers, having them as examples. You'll know more in the details on how to pay taxes, when, in which country, when not to pay at all and how to claim back the money that were paid wrongly. How did Russian tax authorities change their view on Cypriot companies working in Russia? What is the nearest forecast? We'll have four experts who'll cover all aspects of Cyprus-Russian business relations.

If you work with Russia or Russian businessmen, this session will help you to understand their problems and find solutions.

Our experts
Mikhail Sobolev, Tax Consultant, Founder MS Irida360
Artem Paleev, Managing Partner, Korpus Prava
Andreas Menelaou, Managing Partner, Andreas Menelaou LLC
Sergey Khrustalev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Cyprus Business Council under Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

16.00-16.20 – Coffee Break



Thematic Session. Management of a professional service firm.
The session will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.

Challenges in the professional services industry. What has been changed. How the clients and the service providers should adapt to the new realities. Examples of successful strategies.

The MARVEL of Engagement: Managing human workers in the digital age. How can we motivate and inspire our teams? How do we convert passive employees into highly active ambassadors?
Philippos Aristotelous, consultant, legal business strategist, author and speaker.

The psychology and instruments of selling legal services in the digital age.
The world changes fast and both lawyers and their clients are overloaded with information. Also new marketing instruments appeared that help to get more client leads and increase conversion. So how should lawyers search for potential clients and convert them into real clients? We will discuss this at the session devoted to selling legal services in the digital age:
- The psychology of buyers of legal services.
- Building trust as the foundation of the selling process and the instruments of increasing trust.
- Modern digital instruments of selling legal services.
- Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs that lawyers have in connection with sales.
Yury Zachek, executive Coach, International Coach Federation