Alexander Ovchinnikov
CIO (Chief Investment Officer) Movchan's Group
One of the most recognized experts on the financial markets with more than 25-year experience. In the early 90s he took part in the creation and development of the government securities market, working in the Central Bank of Russia. From the beginning of the 2000s he headed research, trading and asset management departments in major Russian and international banks. Later in 2008 joined the Sberbank-CIB (known as Troika Dialog until October 2012) as VP of Global markets, acting as a task leader to modernization of the government bonds market. Developed and implemented specific proposals in collaboration with the Bank of Russia and Ministry of finance, which led to growth of market liquidity and capitalization as well as significant expansion of the investor customer base.
He graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Aviation Institute, the FRB NY program, Carnegie Mellon University and ANH.
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Ms. Irina Patsalidou
BEST LEGAL Conference Manager